10 Days: What is it?

10 Days is an annual opportunity for the Body of Christ in your area to step away from normal routines of daily life and enter into an extended time of experiencing God together through worship, prayer, fasting, and fellowship.  It’s a way for all the believers in your city to unite with Jesus at the center. It’s rooted in the 10 Days between the biblical Feasts of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement.

10 Days is intended to be part of the answer to Jesus’ prayer in John 17:21: “Let them be one as we are one.”

The next 10 Days is from September 9-19 2018.

10 Days: A Visionary Call

10 Days originated as a call from God in 2004, initiated by the phrase “Babylon refuses to mourn, but my people will mourn before I return.”  You can hear Jonathan describe the experience in full here.

The 10 Days Visionary Call included the following elements:

  • A Call for 10 Days of fasting, mourning, and repentance from the “Day of Trumpets” to the “Day of Atonement.”
  • This call was to not just for one place, but a national and global call the people of God.
  • One aspect of the vision was of a city.  The people of this city had “stopped everything for 10 Days” in order to seek the face of God together.  This city was inundated with a thick, deeply hued golden light that seemed to penetrate everything in the city.  The city was “under water” in the glory of God.
  • Seeing this city, Jonathan asks “How would you (God) respond if a city sought you in this way?”  Also, “Is this part of how you want to fulfill Jesus’ prayer in John 17?”  There was a strong sense in the vision that once the 10 Days ended, this city would never be the same.
  • The initial vision also included the call to “pray for 10 Days leading up to Pentecost this year (2005)”.  An amazing confirmation of this word was discovered in the weeks after this experience.  That same year, a new movement called the Global Day of Prayer was calling for 10 Days of global prayer leading up to Pentecost of 2005.  The GDOP engaged over 100 million believers in prayer that year on Pentecost Sunday


10 Days is for City-Wide Church Movements

Zechariah 8:20-21 “People of one city will go to another and say, ‘come seek the Lord with me, I myself am going.’”

Our team connects with like-minded believers in many cities and asks “Would you join us in seeking God for 10 Days this fall?”  We look for a local coordinator who is called and willing to serve as a catalyst for their city.  This coordinator forms a team that reaches out to believers and churches in their region, organizing and coordinating 10 Days of united worship, prayer, and fasting with believers around the city or region. 

Models for 10 Days

Multi-Site: One Model that has been tried in many cities is a “multi-site” 10 Days Model.  In its most basic form, it involves nightly gatherings hosted in 10 different locations throughout the city or region.  It’s often augmented by an “ongoing prayer” rhythm happening in one or more parts of the city.  This model has the advantage of being a fairly simple ask for local ministries (host a night of prayer/worship/communion in your own church) and is a great way to get to know the church in your city!

Singe Site/”Big Tent” Model: The “Big Tent” model can occur in a tent, a church building, or a neutral space like a convention center.  The idea is that it’s hosted by the city-wide church in one location.  The advantages of this model is that it’s simpler logistically and makes it easier for people to engage consistently over the entire 10 Days.

10 Days can be big...or small! While we’re passionate about seeing cities come together during 10 Days, anyone can join in this season of fasting and seeking God’s face on their own or preferably with a few friends! 

What Happens During 10 Days?

Seeking God's face through Worship and Prayer is at heart of 10 days.  Believers are invited to devote this time to waiting on God together.  These expressions of humility and dependence invite a response from God who “opposes the proud, but exalts the humble.”  Some cities will engage in a 24/7 Prayer and Worship model as a way to seek God.  Others have used a “Daniel” Model, having three corporate gatherings of prayer per day in the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. 

Beyond the priority of prayer and seeking God’s face, 10 Days is a flexible form that can be combined with many different types of activities including major events, service projects, justice ministry, and evangelism.  

At its core, 10 Days is incredibly simple:

  • The Main Attraction is the Presence of God experienced through prayer and in the people of God
  • The activities are prayer and repentance, fasting, worship, “mourning”, and going low before God
  • The invitation is to “make room” by setting aside 10 entire days
  • The atmosphere feels like a family reunion
  • The reward is transformation, healing, renewal, revival, purity, unity, breakthrough, a heart on fire, love for God, his Word, his people, and the world