11th Hour: A Call for Small

11th Hour: A Call for Small

11th Hour: A Call for Small!

We’re just over two weeks from the start of 10 Days, October 2-12, 2016.  Every day, we’re hearing reports of new cities and regions that are planning 10 days.  As of this morning, the count was 30 locations, with well over 20 being “city-wide” type gatherings, where multiple congregations in an area are going low before the Lord together.

11th Hour Invitation
It’s not too late to launch 10 Days in your city!  Even at this late date, people are just hearing about 10 Days and responding to the call.  We wanted to issue an 11th hour call to cities who have not yet responded: We’re going to seek the Lord together—won’t you join us?

A Call for Small!
In addition to our city-wide gatherings, we have about five 10 Day gatherings that will be hosted in a small group context.  In other words, it’s just a few people agreeing to fast together and setting a schedule for corporate prayer and worship together during the 10 Days.  This can happen anywhere: in a home, on a conference call, at work, or in a local church.
Sometimes when people hear about the city-wide gatherings, they’re intimidated rather than inspired.  Not everyone has the gift, or grace, from God to mobilize a city for prayer.  In fact, it’s a pretty unusual gift.  However, just about everyone can gather a small group of people for fasting and prayer.  We’re inviting you at this time to consider gathering a group to seek the Lord with fasting this fall!  Often we’ve seen that these small group gatherings can be a doorway to something that touches a city in years to come.

Use Your Gift to the Full!

Ephesians 4 states that God has given each one of us a measure of grace. Grace is like the currency of the Kingdom—it’s a gift from God that allows us to accomplish something.  We’re not evaluated by God based on the gift given to someone else—but on the gift He gives us!  That’s how I see 10 Days working in different places—it works when the person mobilizing or coordinating does so according to the grace given them.

If that’s grace to mobilize a whole city—then do it!  But if it’s the grace to mobilize a smaller group, then do that!  Maybe you just have grace to fast and pray on your own, or with your own family.  That’s also good.  Each of us has a different gift and we should use that gift to the full while not going beyond the grace given to us.

So that’s it!  This is an 11th Hour Call for Small.  It’s not too late to mobilize your prayer group, your small group, or your local church for 10 Days of fasting and prayer.  For some of you, it may not even be too late to mobilize your city.  If you decide to move forward, we’d love for you to let us know what you’re doing by emailing Jaime Dicke with your information.
Big or small, we’re going to seek the Lord this fall—won’t you join us? (Zech 8:20-23)

Jonathan Friz and Gregg Healey share the vision of 10 Days