10 Days Summit

10 Days Summit

This May 23-26, we’re hosting the second “10 Days National Summit.”

Register Here for the 10 Days Summit on May 23-26, 2017 at the DL Moody Campus in Northfield, Massachusetts.  Registration is open until Friday, May 19.

Have you ever had a very important message that no one else  could understood?  I can honestly say that for the first years that I shared the vision for 10 Days, very few people had any idea what I was talking about. Now, I was big part of the problem as I learned through trial and error how to articulate this vision, but it was also just a difficult idea for people to get their minds around.  Our vision involves “stopping cities” to pray for 10 Days.  That’s something we’ve never seen happen.  Most Christian leaders have never done something like that personally, much less called other people to do it.

However, people started to understand the vision better once a few brave souls started doing it.  That led to testimonies, which led to more people trying 10 Days for themselves.  Instead of words, there were stories and lives transformed by the power of God.

Because 10 entire days is such a large commitment of time, we’ve created the 10 Days Summit as an opportunity to experience those same realities in a shorter period of time.  10 Days is something that’s better caught than taught.  Sometimes, it’s a taste of something “more”, experiencing something that can be our “new normal” that brings us into a new place of hunger for God.  David Brown from San Antonio, a participant in last year’s Summit shared with me afterwards, “We not only talked about John 17 unity, we experienced it.”

This year we’ll be gathering at a special venue in historic Northfield, Massachusetts.  The Northfield Conferences were the site of revival and missions movements in the late 19th century, and most famously launched the Student Volunteer Movement in 1886.  Our meeting site is just a stone’s throne from the grave of famous evangelist D.L. Moody.  And, we’ll be landing on the campus as it’s just beginning to emerge from 12 years of inactivity.

Due to a generous offer from our partners at the Moody Center, we’re able to offer the entire 4 day/3 night gathering including food and lodging for just $200.

Register Here for the 10 Days Summit on May 23-26, 2017.  The Registration deadline is May 19th.  You can also email us at 10daysinfo@gmail.com with questions or to reserve a spot.
If you’ve been doing 10 Days in your city or are hoping to start an expression in the future, we hope you can join us in Northfield this May!


Jonathan Friz

P.S. See below for Registration, Schedule, and Airport information.  Please note that Hartford, CT is the nearest airport.

Registration: Please use the online registration or just shoot us an email so we can begin planning to welcome you during your stay.

Register Here for the 10 Days Summit

Schedule:  May 23-26 (Tuesday-Friday)\

We’ll start Tuesday afternoon around 2pm and end after lunch on Friday at 2pm

Travel Information: Nearby Airports

Hartford Airport (1 Hr away):  We can transport you to and from Hartford since it’s fairly close

Boston Logan (2 Hrs away):  We cannot transport you to and from Boston—so you’re on your own there

Cost: $200 includes food and lodging for the entire Summit.

Contact us about cost/night or cost/meal if you’re not able to stay for the entire time.