10 Days Summit Report

10 Days Summit Report

Sunset during worship the first night of the 10 Days Summit.

It’s one thing to talk about John 17 unity.  It’s another thing to live it, breathe it, taste it.

From May 23-26, a group that ranged in size from 30-50 during the days gathered together at the campus founded by DL Moody, just a stone’s throw from his grave.  We were joined by representatives from over 15 states and several nations.
While I think we are still very much young and learning, I can honestly say that we were tasting a measure of this John 17 reality, living life together surrounded by the Father’s love and the glory of Jesus (John 17:26, 22).

Praying together for the Kingdom to come in Connecticut.

The Experience of the Summit

“It was like heaven.”  Grant Berry, New Jersey/Connecticut
Our goal in hosting the Summit was to give people an experience of what 10 Days can be like through prayer and fellowship while adding teaching on the major themes of 10 Days.  We wanted to bring understanding and experience, the mind and the heart, together.  Here are a few quotes on what it was like for participants:
“[The Summit] was like a symphony with all the instruments playing.  It was hard for me to keep straight who brought what piece…it’s an incredible experience to have.”  Liz Adleta, Dallas, Texas
“There’s such a tremendous amount of love that flows in this room and such a unity. I’ve never seen one prefer another as much as I’ve seen here this past week.”  Barbara LeChance, Connecticut
“I don’t know why I came [to the Summit].  God said I needed to go… Gaylord’s teaching on Jesus’ commandment really hit home.”  Jay Richmond, Albany NY
The Message of the Summit
“I came last year when it was in Denver.  Same leaders, same messages, but I have more takeaways this time than last year in Denver, and last year was incredible.”  David Brown, San Antonio, Texas
We invited friends to share on major themes relating to 10 Days ranging from the theological underpinnings to organizational strategies.
Gaylord Enns started and ended the Summit with a message of love.  Gaylord’s ministry is centered on Jesus’ New Commandment to “love one another as I have loved you.”  Although I had heard Gaylord many times before, the words seemed to explode in my heart, bringing fresh revelation of the love of God and the beauty of God’s people.  The teaching set the stage for us to actually love one another throughout the Summit (Gaylord’s Book).
Grant Berry shared on the importance of reconnecting Jewish and Gentile believers in order to see the fulfillment of John 17.  He’s been working on a new book, Romans 9-11, and we were privileged to be able to dedicate it at the Summit.  (Grant’s Book)

Dedicating Grant’s new book, Romans 9-11.

Gregg Healey shared how his experiences on Wall Street exposed the control money had over his life, and how God called him out of Babylon into a place of radical faith and freedom.  Gregg’s testimony is a powerful example for all of us of how we must come out of bondage to money and into the freedom that God has for us!
Luis Burgos shared his personal experience from 10 Days in Bridgeport, CT last fall.  His fiery message challenged us not draw back in fear but to boldly call the church to the place of prayer!
Jason Hubbard shared the vision for 1 Church/1 Day with a gathering of about 80 New England church leaders on Thursday. New England is planning to launch 1 Church on October 1, 2017.  He shared his infectious love and passion for God with us as he called us to a “Lamb’s Reformation,” where our gaze is constantly drawn to the slain Lamb of God who sits on the throne.
I (Jonathan Friz) shared about the history of Northfield and the connection to 10 Days as well as “why” we do 10 Days, and the concept of “Mourning” which is a central part of the vision.  We’ve had some problems with the recordings, but should
Commissioning: “This is what will change the world”
“My admonition to the group is to continue to grow this. Don’t check this off the box next year like you’ve got it taken care of, been there, done that. Grow this family. There’s deeper places and wider places to go within this [vision].” David Brown, San Antonio
The final night, I was feeling really tired.  So much was happening, and it takes a physical toll!  I was only getting three things from the Lord, “worship, communion, commissioning”.  I thought, “well, that won’t take long and we can wrap this up early and get to bed.”  God had other plans, and we ended up going late into the evening, praying for one another and commissioning friends new and old to bring this same joy-filled love of God into their cities and states through 10 Days!
On the final day as we reflected on the Summit, Rabbi Grant Berry said: “This is what will change the world…The world is so hungering for this intimacy, this beauty, the unity and love that comes from us just laying our lives at the feet of the Lord.”
Our world needs to be changed.  There are many things that can be done, but the one thing that’s really needed is so simple: Let’s come together as the people of God and lay our lives at the feet of Jesus.
10 Days is coming up September 20-30 this year.  Set your heart, along with me, to seek His face this fall.  We’re going to seek the Lord, won’t you join us?
--Jonathan Friz
 Having fun at the Summit - Zaim Ipek (Florida) and his doll doppelgänger.

David Brown (San Antonio) leads us to pray for God to move in each of our cities.
 Anointing Grant’s new book with oil.

Gregg (Connecticut) brings a word about trusting God with our finances.