10 Days Northfield and Restore & Revive

10 Days Northfield and Restore & Revive

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In 2009, as we completed a Global Day of Prayer gathering in Northfield, Massachusetts I saw my friend Christ (rhymes with wrist) Otto crying.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.  “The Lord just spoke to me and told me we won’t be back here for a long time,” he shared.  That was heavy news.

I was confused, because we had a signed agreement to be back that fall for 10 Days, so decided to wait and see what happened.  Sure enough, the deal was canceled at the last minute leaving us scrambling for a new location.  Many of us believed in our hearts that we’d return.

This fall, it appears that a “long time” has passed.  My wife was pregnant at the time with our 3rd child, and she’s now about to be 8 years old!  We’ll be returning to do a full 10 Days in Northfield this fall.

What’s so special about Northfield?

First of all, this video does a much better job explaining Northfield than I could possibly do in words:

Watch this short video by professional filmmaker Jim Ault on Northfield’s history and the new life that is beginning to emerge.

The Moody campus in Northfield, Massachusetts is one of the hidden jewels of America’s Christian history.  At the end of the 19th century, this campus saw tens of thousands gather annually each summer to grow deeper in their faith.  It’s a place that contemporaries called “Heaven on Earth” and “Zion”.

The Northfield Conferences birthed the Student Volunteer Movement in 1886, a movement that would turn the world upside down by sending 20,000 missionaries overseas in a generation.  Whole nations in Asia and Africa are Christian today largely because of the influence of the Student Volunteers.  To put that in context, in 1886, America had sent less than 2,000 overseas missionaries in its history!  This movement alone was a 10-fold increase!

10 Days and Northfield

The 10 Days movement has a special history tied to the Northfield Campus.  Many of our “small beginnings” and formative experiences took place right there.  From 2007-2009, we hosted our first successful gatherings right there on the campus.  It was there that I got an actual taste of this “John 17 unity” that I had read about in Scripture. The campus has been mostly empty for 12 years, from 2005-2017, but right now new life, in the form of two groups, The Moody Center and Thomas Aquinas College is beginning to emerge.  We are grateful to partner with our friends at the Moody Center.

A 10 Days Hub

We see our gathering there this fall as a “hub” for the other 35+ 10 Days gatherings around the globe. We’re asking people who do not have 10 Days in their city, but want to learn about this movement (or just encounter God) to come to Northfield.  This is better caught than taught.  Come join us, experience what God can do when a group of people “stop” for 10 Days and make Jesus the Center of everything!

Restore and Revive

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Following 10 Days, we will be hosting the Restore and Revive conference.  This conference features the Restore gathering, a unity movement of New England churches and networks, as well as special speakers RT Kendall, Chuck Pierce, Heidi Baker, and many others!

We’ll have many of our friends from New England joining us for this gathering, but we’d love for those of you from far and wide to come as well!  We believe there is a spiritual dimension of reopening this historic well of revival and missions.

The Northeast has historically (18th and 19th centuries) been the “Bible Belt” of America, the center for mission and revival movements and moral influence in the nation.  We are asking our friends from other parts of the US and around the world: Come, join us and help contend in prayer to Restore and Revive this legacy!

--Jonathan Friz