10 Days Stories (Part 2)

10 Days Stories (Part 2)

Praying together in Orlando, FL

God’s first commandment to human beings was “be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth.”   Jesus told His disciples something similar: “Go into all the world and make disciples…”  In creation and redemption, we are hardwired for fruitfulness, expansion, and growth.
I believe God wants nations, cities, churches, businesses, families, and individuals around the world to stop normal life and seek His face each fall during the “Days of Awe”.  10 Days is one small part of a global, multi-faceted movement of prayer that is filling the earth with the goal that “the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord will cover the earth, as waters cover the sea.”
Here are several stories of how that happened in some of the 35 locations that hosted 10 Days in 2017.

Reading, UK
This was the first year for 10 Days in the United Kingdom, hosted in the ruins of an old Abbey called “Forbury Gardens” where the church and city of Reading gathered under a tent.  Tim Doolan writes:
There is a blessing in genuine unity.
As the bride came together as one, likeminded under one non-denominational Big Top Tent there seemed to be an extra blessing of His presence and joy! We always tried to mix worship bands and different congregations so that several church denomination cultures were represented in the tent…
I can’t emphasize enough what a wealth of worship leaders/worship pastors we have in the town and when they get together the town shakes, not just the churches...The Lord was taking ground in a public space and His people were declaring His words to the town and the Nation….
Unity among the churches, based on the understanding of God looking down and seeing one bride, seemed to be a significant outcome of the 10 Days. New friendships were bonded and hearts started to be healed from prejudice and past hurts. This wasn’t easy, but it was good. It was a time of reconciliation, of connecting; and to assure and bless our amazing church leaders. There is more to do! –Tim Doolan, Reading UK.

New Hampshire

Manchester, NH City-Wide Prayer Walk

Four different regions of New Hampshire participated in 10 Days, culminating in the NH Night of Worship on September 29th.  While there gatherings for prayer around the state every day, one special gathering was the “March on Manchester”.
Lis Greene writes: …[believers] prayer walked from different churches around the city and met in Veterans Park for a prayer and worship service, where they prayed for 10 different areas of need for our nation and city. These were all posted to different crosses around the park that served as prayer stations (focuses ranging from revival/awakening, government, children/youth, cultural reconciliation, addiction, families and more!)  We were really encouraged by the participation of so many churches, but beyond this, the spirit present in prayer for the city. Glory to Jesus, He’s so faithful to meet us in our efforts to seek Him in unity!
This year we grew in relationship with our African family.  We were honored to have Pastor Laban Jjumba join us in Northfield during 10 Days.  Likewise, 10 Days was taking place in Juba, South Sudan and Gulu, Kasese, and also Kampala Uganda.  Here’s a brief report from Peter Serukera in Kampala:
God is uniting the global body of Christ in the '10 days of awe'.  In Kampala meetings are every evening. They were started with an overnight prayer vigil and will be concluded with the same. It's a special 10 days within the annual 50days of national prayer and fasting that on commence on 17th August and end on 7th Oct just to pour into 8th October, the independence eve of Uganda. 
Orlando, Florida

Orlando couched 10 Days under the “40 Days of Love” banner, hosting 10 days of united prayer and worship in congregations around the city followed by 30 days of outreach.  This partnership was really God-breathed, as the start-dates for both were providentially the same, September 20th.  Even during 10 Days, some of the highlights in Orlando were how God moved as the body of Christ got out beyond the walls of the church. 

Hitting the Streets for Prayer in Orlando 

One night, after the regular evening worship service, Pastor Red and a group of young adults set-up another time of outdoor worship in one of the main shopping districts of Orlando.  As they worshipped the Lord and a crowd began to gather, many people came to worship right off the streets!  The team was able to pray with many.  Some reported being healed, and others professed Christ for the first time during this and other outreaches and prayer walks during 10 Days.
Jacksonville, North Carolina—The Jesus Tent (Sept 20-25)
In Jacksonville, North Carolina, the Jesus Tent was set-up for the first five days of 10 Days. Michael Thornton reported how on the first night, multiple churches canceled their services and came together with 5-600 people present.  This led to a spontaneous, mass foot-washing among all the pastors of the local community, who were half black and half white. 
Many people were saved and baptized over the five days.  At one altar call 7 young children came forward. A little girl (age 9) who had never been to church before in her life would not leave the altar afterwards—she was just weeping and glowing.  Mike said to her, “Are you okay baby…why are you crying?” “Because I’m so happy,” she said.  “Why?” “Because the Lord is here!”  Mike then asked her, “Have you ever prayed before?”  The young girl had never prayed in her life.  Mike explained that prayer is “talking to God” and asked her if she would talk to God.  The little 9 year old agreed, took the microphone, and prayed her first ever prayer, with the tears streaming down, “I WANT YOU GOD!”
Denver, Colorado

10 Days Denver broke new ground this year by engaging the business community in prayer—during the days they went out to bless the mercy ministries of the city and hosted prayer meetings at Christian businesses during the noon hour.  As Father Phil Eberhadt says, “if we want to see cities stop for 10 Days, we’ll need Christian Businesses to get on board.”
Here are summaries of several of the evening gatherings from Father Phil—read his complete report on Denver here (Post His Report to our website and link to that)
Wednesday Evening, September 20, 2017
The Rock Church and Pastor Mike Polhemus of Castle Rock, CO teamed up with us and included us in a special evening of prayer and praise and preaching featuring Todd White from Lifestyle Christianity in Dallas, TX.   Todd drew a large crowd out, in excess of 2000 we believe.  The service went from 7 pm to 11:30 pm with an amazing presence of God among His people, many healings and salvations.
Monday Evening, September 25, 2017
For the second time this year, we were invited by a Kingdom Business to hold a service at their factory!! L&R Pallet in the NE Denver industrial area hosted us for the evening of worship, providing a stage and musician in the midst of piles of pallets being built to “Carry the World”….
Saturday Evening, Yom Kippur - Break Fast, September 30, 2017
Our closing service was again special, as we came together in “DAVID’S TENT” @ Church in the City in Central Denver…By sheer co-incidence (Christ-ordered Incidents) we were in the building at the same time as the core team for All Tribes, DC.  After worship in David’s Tent…we took our prayers upstairs to where the All Tribes, DC team was meeting…This was a powerful time of prayer and great healing as we came together as ONE NEW MAN – with Jewish – Gentile – and First Nations…

San Antonio, TX

Jesus is in the Tent in San Antonio

San Pedro Park in San Antonio, Texas is a place of springs, the springs that led to the founding of the city.  In the early 20th century, these springs were a place of baptisms as a move of the spirit swept San Antonio.

Praying for the Chief of Police in SA

San Antonio Tent

This year, 10 Days San Antonio returned to that location with 24/7 prayer, with 30-40 churches in the city partnering.  Among other testimonies, there were a number of healings and powerful ministry to the homeless and to those who had been in prison.  On the last night, people were once again baptized in water on that spot!  You can read more at: https://www.facebook.com/10daysSA/
Worcester, Massachusetts
Len Cowan writes: Our 10 Days here were quiet, and powerful, in a variety of settings -- homes, churches, ministry settings.  As in years past, this is a powerful way in which God is uniting the church here, breaking down walls between denominations, races, countries, and cultures.  The Lord is revealing Himself to be the Lord of all, and is forming a church which exists for all in this region.  We are so grateful also to be part of the national and international ramifications of a united Bride, waiting for the Lord's coming and return…


One night of 10 Days in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut continues to be a leader in the 10 Days movement with six overlapping expressions across the state.  Read more here (https://www.facebook.com/impactconnecticut) and watch Rabbi Grant Berry’s testimony here.


Bellingham, Washington
Bellingham joined in 10 Days once again this year. As a region that is paving the way in the realm of John 17 unity, they saw 72 out of 80 senior pastors in their county come together for a day of prayer.  A spirit of radical repentance and humility broke out as the Spirit of God broke in--the pastors of the region began confessing their sins to one another openly, forgiving one another, and receiving the forgiveness that is theirs in Christ.
In Conclusion, I’m grateful to the many city-coordinators and their teams who organized 10 Days for their cities.  It’s an act of Faith, an act of Hope, and an act of Love to organize and host 10 Days, and many of them paid a high price to do it. It’s an incredible honor to serve alongside such people who love Jesus and his Church, and are willing to follow Him wherever He goes.  For all the obedience and sacrifices that made this year possible, thank you friends!  And, as we persevere in this race of faith, may the Lamb receive the Reward of His Suffering!
--Jonathan Friz