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The HOPE of Unity

Four Positive Trends at the End of the Age: Trend 2: John 17 Unity

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4 Positive Trends at the End of the Age: The Nations

Why Pray for 10 Days?  
God governs through prayer.  To put it another way, when we pray according to His purposes, His Kingdom advances.  Over the next several weeks, we’ll be focusing some of the major items on God’s Agenda, four positive trends that are part of His "End of the Age" plan.  As we wrestle with these Scriptural promises, it’s our hope that you’ll be stirred to seek God as never before during 10 Days and beyond.

The Promise of a Harvest in the Nations

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Bring 10 Days to Your City

Fellow lovers of God!

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the love and goodness of God over the past several days.  Keep it up, Lord and spread it out on us all!

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Unusual and Extraordinary

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A View from the Summit

It’s a moment I won’t soon forget…

Here we were, in Denver, with city uniters and powerful prayer leaders from around the nation.  We’re having a prayer meeting in a black Pentecostal church.  Sounds like a recipe for an explosive time in God’s presence.

And we are all falling asleep

Looking around the room, I thought it was hilarious that we were all falling asleep (in a prayer meeting) at the same time.  We’re kind of into prayer after all.

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10 Days Goes to Africa

Greetings from the USA,

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Join us for the Denver Summit!

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Insights from 10 Days Connecticut

Rather than sharing summaries of some of the other gatherings (you can read stories from more cities), we’ve decided to share this powerful series of take-aways from Gregg Healey in Connecticut.

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ten days small

God is not impressed with numbers.

3 people.  300 people. 300,000,000 people.  They’re dust on the scales to the God who spins galaxies on his fingertips.  And yet, He’s moved in an enormous way by one prayer, one act of sacrifice, one heart beating in time with His.

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Stories of 10,000 Days


That was amazing! can someone help me describe what just happened? 

It’s hard to put 10 Days into words.  The sons of Korah knew the wonder of being in God's presence and described it this way:

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