10 Days Northfield and Restore & Revive
to Sep 23

10 Days Northfield and Restore & Revive

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It’s Time! 

 Last year’s Restore and Revive gathering surprised and delighted all those who attended, exceeding our wildest dreams.  Seeing the Moody Auditorium filled nearly to capacity with passionate worshipers was absolutely incredible, and that wasn’t even the best part. 

As many described it, Restore and Revive was a taste of Heaven on earth. In the 1880’s and 90’s, Moody’s contemporaries described Northfield as “Heaven on Earth”.  The fact that that is once again being said again after all these years is nothing short of a miracle and is a sign of what God is doing in New England. 

We are beginning to see a significant move of God to both Restore and Revive the church of New England before our eyes!

This year, 10 Days and Restore and Revive will serve as the kick-off for a regional two- year focus on evangelism.  We believe that God is inviting New England  to enter into a time of His favor and a season of harvest leading up to 2020 and the 400th anniversary celebration of the Pilgrim’s landing. 


Early Registration is now OPEN
for Restore and Revive and 10 Days Northfield

Registration Details: Until July 16, we are offering “all-inclusive” packages that include food, on-campus housing, and any registration fees for 10 Days Northfield (which includes R&R) and Restore and Revive.  We’ve priced them both to be great deals and as affordable as possible!  For on-campus housing, this is the best deal and best opportunity to secure housing on-campus. 

We will also be offering the all-conference registration fee (no food/no housing) during this period.

Full Registration will open July 16, including day-registration fees, individual meals, and any remaining housing on a day-by-day basis. Registration and the most current information on hotels, schedule and speakers is all available at Newenglandalliance.net.  The new and improved website will be up by August 1st!

Group pricing is available for groups of 10 or more: contact Janea at neallianceinfo@gmail.com for group rates, scholarship applications, and questions on registration.

Register here for all inclusive packages
for 10-Days Northfield and Restore and Revive


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Northfield Student Conference
to Jul 28

Northfield Student Conference

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Northfield Student Conference
July 23-28 2018 at the Moody Center

Cost: $250/student or $200/student if registering as a group of 3 or more.

Register Here
(Registration Opens May 1)

Open to Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Before He ascended, Jesus left His disciples with this mandate: “Go into all the world and make disciples of all peoples…” Nearly 2,000 years later, that mandate remains unfulfilled, with an estimated 3.1 billion people in 4,500 people groups on earth who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. As followers of Jesus Christ, we all have a role to play in seeing Jesus’ Commission fulfilled.

In 1886, 251 young men gathered for the first Northfield Student Conference. At the end of the conference, God had supernaturally broken in. 100 of the students committed themselves to world missions and what became known as the Student Volunteer Missions Movement was born. In a generation, this movement sent 20,000 missionaries overseas. Their watchword, “the evangelization of the world in this generation”, was a cry to fulfill the Great Commission in their lifetimes.

We believe it is time to finish what the Volunteers began, to raise up a new movement of college-students who will give up their lives to see the Lamb of God receive the reward of His suffering. Building on the legacy of the past, we see on the horizon a new Student Mission Movement to bring to completion what our forebearers began.

VISIT HERE to register and for more information.

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10 Days Summit: May 22-25 at the historic Northfield Campus
to May 25

10 Days Summit: May 22-25 at the historic Northfield Campus

The 10 Days Summit is an annual gathering focused on the strategy and themes of both the 10 Days and 1 Church/1 Dayprayer strategies. Featuring transformative teaching and vision casting from leaders around the world in an atmosphere of worship and fellowship, you will not only learn about movements of John 17 unity but also taste and experience what you're learning about!

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