10 Days Starts Sunday: An Invitation to Mourn


10 Days: An Invitation to Mourn
“I sit as a queen…and will never see mourning.” --Mystery Babylon
“Blessed are those who mourn now, for they will be comforted.”  --Jesus Christ
Dear Friends,
10 Days is upon us.  
Over 30 locations around the world that we know of are organizing gatherings during this time.  Some are larger, some are smaller.  
At this point, I want to invite you personally, wherever you are into a time of intentional mourning, fasting, and repentance starting the evening of September 9th.  We’re going to seek the Lord during these 10 Days as part of a global upper room—won’t you join us?
The Kingdom of God is exactly Upside Down
Why are we called to mourn?  Isn’t there enough sadness already?  Enough grief and sorrow?  Wouldn’t 10 Days of celebration be more attractive, more fun, maybe even more Biblical?  
In brief, I believe God wants us to enter into voluntary mourning because the Kingdom of God is an upside down Kingdom.  Consider these Biblical realities:

  • If you want comfort, mourn.  
  • If you want true riches, give away all your possessions.  
  • If you want to save your life, lose your life.  
  • If you want to honor and high rank, go as low as you possibly can.  
  • If you want to be truly strong, you’ll have to be weak.
  • If you want to be great, become a servant to all

These upside-down paradoxes are at the very heart of our faith.  As a way to illustrate this, I often misquote the Psalmist to say: “Joy comes in the mourning.”    
In Revelation 18:7, Harlot Babylon is judged.  God measures out her judgment in direct proportion (1:1) to how she elevated herself: 
“In the measure that she glorified herself and lived sensuously, give her torment and sorrow for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as queen and am no widow and will not see mourning.’  For this reason, her plagues will come in one day, death and mourning and famine.”  
This is the ultimate expression of the scripture that says “God opposes the proud.” It also illustrates once again the upside-down nature of the Kingdom.

  • If you glorify yourself, you will be humbled
  • If you live for temporary pleasure, you will suffer eternal torment
  • If you refuse voluntary mourning and humility, you’ll receive mourning, death, and famine all at once.

Everybody is going to mourn—we can choose to enter into it voluntarily under the grace of God, or have it stored up and poured out on us in wrath along with Babylon.  
Personally, I like the way God has set it up for us!
4 Reasons to Mourn: 1. Our own Sin is Cause for Mourning
In Revelation 3:19, Jesus says this to the church of Laodicea, who he has just harshly indicted: “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.  Therefore, be zealous [enthusiastic] and repent.”  
I’ll never forget an early experience that I had with the Lord in pursuing unity in His Body.  In a way that was unforgettable, He identified the cause of disunity in the Body as being…me.  It was as though I could feel his finger pointing firmly in my chest at the very moment that I was judging others in the Body.  It led me into a season of mourning and deep repentance as I sought God to remove the sin that was hidden in my own heart.  
James 4: The Home Remedy for Sin in your Heart
James 4 is a practical remedy for dealing with sin in your own heart.  James 4:1 says “Where do battles and fights come from among you?  Are they not from your desires for pleasure that war within your members?”  In other words, the problem is…you.
He goes on to say in verse 8: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  Cleanse your hands you sinners and purify your hearts, you double minded.  Lament and mourn and weep!  Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom.  Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.”
I’d wager to say that James’ practical remedy for personal sin and holiness is just as timely now as it was then.   Let’s be enthusiastic and repent, recognizing that the Lord’s chastening is for our good and out of love.  
2. We have Cause to Mourn: Stumbling Blocks
In Matthew 18:6, Jesus says “whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the sea.  Woe to the world because of stumbling blocks.”  
The Roman Catholic Church is being rocked by another sex-abuse scandal that implicates some of their key leadership in the US and Globally.  Woe to us who live on earth because of these stumbling blocks.  And this is just one example of many stumbling blocks that exist.  As we pray along with Jesus for the unity of the global church, we need to mourn and lament these stumbling blocks, asking God to remove them.  Instead of criticizing and ourselves stumbling (ie being offended) by them, let’s bring these immense offenses before the throne of Heaven and ask for Him to purify His bride.
3. We Mourn the Injustice of this Evil Age (Luke 18)
The earth is still under the control of the “prince of this age” who wars against the saints.  
Corruption, unjust laws, sin, disease, unbelief, immorality, death, poverty, war, loss, racial and ethnic conflict, despair, selfishness, loneliness, offense, natural disasters, and confusion are all around us. God’s remedy for the injustice of this age is clear: a persistent prayer movement that stands in faith for His promises and refuses to quit (Luke 18:1-8).  
The last several months have been very challenging for me personally on multiple levels.  I’ve told friends that I feel like “a human punching bag” as trials of many kinds have buffeted me.  I’m blessed to have so many friends who have spoken life to me, prayed for me, and encouraged me.  
Acknowledging this pain and trial before the Lord allows us to turn that experience of suffering into a prayer for the Kingdom to Come.  The sound of our mourning is an acknowledgment that things are not okay—that this is not the way God intends things to be.  It’s also a cry to Heaven for true Justice: “Let your Kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”
4. We have Cause to Mourn: Our Love is Absent!
Finally, and most importantly, we mourn because our Messiah and Bridegroom is absent.
Listen to this example of mourning from the Song of Songs:
“I opened for my beloved, but my beloved had turned away and was gone.  My soul leaped up when he spoke.  I sought him, but could not find him.  I called him, but he gave me no answer.  The watchmen who went about the city found me.  They struck me, they wounded me.  The keepers of the walls took my veil away from me.”
“I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, If you find my beloved, tell him I am Lovesick!”—Song of Songs 5:6-9
This lovesickness, this mourning for the presence of our beloved, is meant to typify our lives in this age.  More than our own sin, stumbling blocks, or injustice, we are mourning the absence of a person.
Friends, we have cause to mourn.  
God is opening up this opportunity for us to enter into a season of humility along with believers around the globe. This fall, let’s throw ourselves together on the mercy of God.  Let’s “Repent…so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord and  He may send Jesus, the Christ…whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things.”
--Jonathan Friz

Restore and Revive Invitation

10 DAYS.png

Watch this video invitation to Restore and Revive this fall!  To Register for Restore and Revive and for event information go to www.Newenglandalliance.net.  

Register for Restore and Revive!

Pray and Fast for 10 Days: Then Come together to Celebrate!

10 Days happens in many cities.  While I love that, it also means that we can't all be together.  At the end of 10 Days, we are inviting New England and national friends to gather together at the Moody Center in Northfield, Massachusetts for the Restore and Revive Conference.  This will be our 3rd year gathering together in Northfield at the end of 10 Days.

A Fresh Vision in 2018 (See the Schedule)

Thursday and Friday evenings will feature Randy Clark and Chuck Pierce as keynote speakers.  

Saturday, the focus will be on racial reconciliation.  Political and social events over the past years have created and exacerbated divisions in the church along racial lines; we want to listen to one another and move toward one another so we can stand together in the reality that our first allegiance is to Jesus and to one another as His people.  

Sunday will be focused on launching a 2 year emphasis on Evangelism in the New England region. The goal of the day is to equip and activate New England in Evangelism, Missions, and Discipleship.  Sunday night will conclude with a night of exulting the Lord over New England with passionate worship and prayer. 

Main Session speakers this year include: Randy Clark, Chuck Pierce, Clive Calver, Grant Berry, Paul Jehle, Jonathan Thomas, Curtis Sargeant, Seong Hyun Park and numerous workshops as well. 

For Schedule, Registration, and more information please visit  www.newenglandalliance.net

Register here for Restore and Revive and 10 Days in Northfield

For questions, please contact Janea at neallianceinfo@gmail.com

Some Family Business: Because of the costs associated with rent and other elements of the conference we are asking for $55/person to help cover the cost of our time together and $30/person for one day.  As we like to say--this is a family reunion, so let's all kick in together to cover this special time!  Kids can come for free.  We've made meals and on campus housing available at a price that will cover the costs.  We're also willing to scholarship anyone who can't afford it--our heart is that money would not be a barrier to anyone, but that everyone would contribute something! 

Our final numbers for food and housing need to be submitted by September 13, so register today to assure your spot on campus (and your meal)!  You can see other housing options at www.newenglandalliance.net

Tim Doolan shares the unlikely story of how God is transforming the ruins of an English Abbey back into a place of prayer.

From the Top: Graves of DL and Emma Moody at Northfield, Going for it in worship at 10 Days Northfield 2016 in the Jesus Tent, Restore and Revive 2017--the Moody Auditorium filled with Christ exulting worship once again!

From the Top: Graves of DL and Emma Moody at Northfield, Going for it in worship at 10 Days Northfield 2016 in the Jesus Tent, Restore and Revive 2017--the Moody Auditorium filled with Christ exulting worship once again!


10 Days City Update

10 DAYS.png

David Brown shares about 10 Days San Antonio.  At around 4:30 you can hear him share about a life-threatening time of worship during 10 Days last year.

Last Thursday, we had a call with 10 Days coordinators from many different cities. 

The call was incredibly encouraging for two seemingly opposite reasons: Trials and Testimonies. Many shared transparently about the trials, difficulties, illnesses, spiritual warfare and opposition from people that they are facing.  When you're up against trials yourself, it's amazingly encouraging to know that you are not alone--that friends and co-laborers are also facing the same trials that you are facing.  It also fills you with compassion and love for those who are paying a price to follow after Jesus.  

 Sustained prayer and worship establishes a throne for our God and Father, and the prince of this world hates nothing more than humble, united worship and prayer, the kind of prayer that brings Heaven to Earth.  This kind of prayer is dangerous--it brings opposition from the evil one because it is literally revolutionary in the spirit, upending illegal demonic dominion on the earth and establishing the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ! 

His strategy is to get us offended with God or the Church and to get us to drop out of the race.  But here's the good news--if we don't drop out of this race, we win.  Our victory is secured by two things: the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!

And along with the trials, we heard testimonies of God working, including one of the most amazing salvation stories I've ever heard..  Here's just a small smattering of the testimonies:

God is giving incredible favor in Redding, UK to establish 10 Days in the very heart of the ruins of an Abbey that once was a gateway into England and the place that pilgrims would begin their journey.  Ancient wells are being re-opened!

In Connecticut, 10 different cities are entering into 10 Days.  God is giving favor among both the rich cities and also among the poorer places in the state.  Truly, our God shows no partiality but gives liberally to all who ask in Humility!

In Massachusetts, 10 Days is being hosted at another ancient well, the Northfield campus for a 3rd consecutive year.  This prayer is part of God's plan to re-open this ancient well--we are seeing a previously empty campus come alive with prayer, missions, discipleship, and worship before our very eyes!  


So, what is God doing in your city?

Every city has their own testimony, their own trajectory.  With 10 Days less than three weeks away (September 9-19) we want to hear from you about what's happening in your home-town. Some 10 Days gatherings are large and some are small--it's not the size that matter, but our faithfulness to the grace God is giving us and our response to His voice and leading. So however God is moving where you live, we want to hear about it!

If you're doing 10 Days this fall, take a minute to email us the following:

1) City Name
2) Contact Person name/Email
3) Link to website, facebook page, or whatever your city is using for an online home

We will link to you on 10 Days.net and hopefully you'll link from your page to 10days.net so that we're connected both ways.

Every day we are overcoming, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.  God's got this--now, let's go!


Jonathan Friz


10 Days: The Invitation

Our 10 Days: The Invitation video is now live!  This is a five minute "docu-promo" that shares the vision, gives a little "how to" and includes testimonies from city-leaders.  Thanks to Jared Crouse for his great design work on this film and to everyone who helped edit and was interviewed.  We'll be releasing the whole interviews as stand-alone videos in the upcoming days.


Above: Planning team for 10 Days Bridgeport

Above: Planning team for 10 Days Bridgeport

One Month--Let us know what's happening in your city!

10 Days begins in one month (September 9-19).  We want to hear what's happening in your city.  We have a number of current locations listed at 10Days.net but we're still waiting to hear from a number of places.

If you're doing 10 Days this fall, take a minute to email us the following:

  1. City Name
  2. Contact Person name/Email
  3. Link to website, facebook page, or whatever your city is using for an online home

If you'd do me the additional favor of linking from your page to 10days.net so that we're connected both ways, that would really help!

I can't wait to see how the Lord responds this fall as we seek Him together.


"Hub Cities"/10 Days Northfield Registration is open!

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 13.40.32.png

In the past seven years since 2011, 10 Days has grown from a movement in one city to something that last year occurred in 35 cities. The journey has been supernatural, miraculous at every step.  Each of these locations has been a holy experiment.  Each time, we learn new things that work and make mistakes that range from very funny to very costly.

All along this journey, I keep comparing what we’re seeing to the original vision in 2004:

  • 10 Days of fasting, mourning, and repentance during the “Days of Awe”
  • Many Locations around the globe doing this together (a global upper room)
  • Cities that stop everything for 10 entire days to seek God’s face!
  • Seeing Jesus’ John 17 prayer answered
  • Preparing the Bride for the Lord’s Return

Hub Cities: A Model for what 10 Days can be
Listen: Luis Burgos tells “The Bridgeport Story”
As we begin this next seven year period, we are going to emphasize a new type of 10 Days gathering that we’re calling “Hub Cities”.  Hub Cities are 10 Day gatherings that, as much as possible, are modeling the call to “stop everything during 10 Days.” 
Hub Cities are:

  • Retreat or single-site city-wide 10 Day gatherings
  • Destination gatherings as well as being for local people—it’s an opportunity for people to experience 10 Days at a high level without having to organize it themselves.
  • Modeling the “Stopped City” element of the call including 24/10 or 3-times daily prayer gatherings
  • Linked together using live-streaming and other technology

Speaking of Hub Cities…If you haven’t heard the Bridgeport story yet, please listen to this recording of Luis Burgos from the 10 Days Summit. It will expand your sense of the possible and inspire your faith.

10 Days Northfield and Restore and Revive
10 Days in Northfield will be one of our Hubs again this year.  If you’ve never experienced 10 Days before or you want to experience it in a more immersive context, I recommend joining us in Northfield.  I promise: You will leave changed!

10 Days Northfield will prepare the way for the
Restore and Revive conference Sept 20-23.  

Registration is now open for 10 Days Northfield!


10 Days Summit 2018 Report


Dear Friends,
Just two weeks ago, about 65 city-movement and national leaders from around the US, the UK, and Uganda gathered in Northfield for the 3rd annual 10 Days Summit. 

The Summit is like 10 Days in terms of the experience of God’s presence, but with a greater emphasis on teaching.  It's the best chance each year to catch the vision of 10 Days.  Powerful teaching is presented in an atmosphere of God’s presence with incredible love and fellowship among the saints! I've listened to most of the teachings twice and find they definitely reward a second listen; I'd encourage you to listen to them in the upcoming days.

The Summit Teaching Playlist:  https://soundcloud.com/10daysofprayer

From top to bottom and left to right: Graves of DL and Emma Moody, The Auditorium, Memorial Stone of the female students from Northfield who gave their lives as missionaries overseas, Brian Alarid (America Prays) finds himself in a "tall person" sandwich with Derrick Sanderson and Jonathan Friz at the tomb of missionary David Brainerd, Worship at the Summit, and a Northfield Sunset.

A Few Teaching Highlights

Love One Another:
  Central to the message of 10 Days the concept of John 17 Unity.  However, the key to John 17 is found earlier in John’s gospel, in verses 13:34-35.  Papa Gaylord Enns (Chico, CA) graced us with his incredible “Love Revolution” message, continually drawing our focus back towards “loving one another as Christ has loved us.”  Truly, without this message continually before us, we’ll never have unity—on the flip side, as we keep it before our eyes, it’s amazing how this command of Jesus can release life in community.  Truly, there is a blessing in obeying His command to love one another.  Hear Gaylord's Message "Make my Love your Home"
America Prays--40,000 Churches Praying 24/7: For the past two years, Jason Hubbard has vision cast for the 1 Church-1 Day 24/7 prayer initiative, leading to efforts beginning in Colorado, New England, and other places.  Since 2016,  1 Church/1 Day has grown from a strategy employed in a few cities to a to a full-fledged national movement called America Prays.  Brian Alarid cast vision for 40,000 churches in America to pray 24 hours once a month, covering our nation in a canopy of day and night prayer! (www.Americaprays.org)  We hope that your church will be part of this growing movement!

Let’s Stop Cities for Prayer this Sept 9-19: One of the most powerful testimonies from 10 Days in recent years has come from the city of Bridgeport, CT.  Luis Burgos shared testimonies of salvations, healings, and other incredible signs and wonders breaking in to Bridgeport last fall.  I’d highly encourage you to check out his message!


Moody’s House (of Prayer)

The Summit ended with a sign and a wonder of its own.  As our final act, we dedicated DL Moody’s home and the place of his death in Northfield, MA to be a house of prayer. 

I’ve been asking God for over 10 years to establish a house of prayer in Northfield.  Others have been praying much longer than me.  After 10 Days and Restore and Revive in 2017, we began regular house of prayer times on the Northfield campus.  After over 10 years of prayer, I found myself I completely overcome by God’s faithfulness—He is a God who answers persistent prayer!  This spring, the Moody Center, new owners of about 1/3 of the Northfield campus, proposed that we move the prayer house into Moody’s house for the Summer.  We are overjoyed to be able to pray several times a week in this historic property!

Four months ago this May 29, our little house of prayer received a word from a long-time pastor in Western Massachusetts that after “four months” God would lighten our load and bring us new help.  Almost exactly four months later, we moved in and experienced an incredible move of God at Moody’s house, accompanied by a number of new staff people who are helping to lighten the load!  God is truly building His House in Northfield and in the Nations—we are amazed by his faithfulness and blessed to be a part of His beautiful and growing family.


Jonathan Friz


Above: The Summit concluded with dedicating the Moody Homestead as a House of Prayer. 
Below: "This is the Place" sign in the Homestead/The first prayer set in the Moody living room

Sick of Repentance?

Sick of Repentance?

I’m Sick of Repentance?

The 10 Days vision is a call to 10 Days of “mourning, fasting, and repentance.”  Needless to say, that hasn’t always been the most attractive message to people. 

In sharing this vision with others, I’ve often heard it said, “Can we get rid of the mourning part?”  I raise my hands, helpless.  You see, when God gives you a vision, you can’t just go changing it all the time, even if you want to.

An Unforgettable Pilgrimage: The Reading 10 Days Story (by Tim Doolan)

An Unforgettable Pilgrimage: The Reading 10 Days Story (by Tim Doolan)

Hearing God.

If a tap drips water into a sink it may take time to notice, there may be little evidence other than the occasional drip should it catch your eye and perhaps a trail of water. It is not until the plug is put in the sink that you notice the water building up and the small drips soon build up to fill a sink. It is then that you wonder how much water has been wasted.

30 Cities Seeking God for 10 Days

30 Cities Seeking God for 10 Days

Prayer is one of the most humble activities we can engage in as human beings.  It’s a ceding of the power to act for the humility of asking and waiting.  It’s also God’s chosen means to bring about the transformation of human hearts, impossible circumstances, and even entire cities and nations.

We’ve been riding waves of encouragement in the past weeks as new cities have joined, resulting in over 30 cities/regions participating in 10 Days.  Each place has a testimony, and we are privileged to hear incredible stories each day.

We wanted to feature just a few of those stories here:

Unusual and Extraordinary

Unusual and Extraordinary

In 2004, I saw a vision of cities stopping everything for 10 Days in order to pray and seek God.  This is not normal behavior in my city or in any other city that I’ve ever known.  It was clear in the vision that God was calling for cities to do something unusual and extraordinary.
Think about it for a moment: If this vision is true, what’s the point of this kind of unusual, extraordinary prayer?  And why now, at this juncture of history?What's with all the shaking?

Positive End-Time Trends #3: Come Holy Spirit!

Positive End-Time Trends #3: Come Holy Spirit!

Positive End-Time Trends #3: Come Holy Spirit!

Part 3 of 4 examining four positive prophetic promises that precede the second coming of Jesus!

During the summer of 2003, I began to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence in a remarkable way.  I marveled at the nearness of God and was filled with an insatiable desire for the Scripture, for prayer, and a love for other people that was unlike anything I had ever known.

10 Days Goes to Africa

10 Days Goes to Africa

Greetings from the USA,
From March 3-12, I traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to participate in the MANI Consultation, a gathering of about 700 African national mission leaders and guests from around the world.  Our gathering was hosted at the prestigious African Union building, where African political leaders from the whole continent gather to discuss common concerns.  The Nelson Mandela hall is modeled after the UN General Assembly hall.  It was the first time I had traveled outside of the country since I was in High School, when I barely made it over the border to Monterrey, Mexico.

Insights from 10 Days Connecticut

Insights from 10 Days Connecticut

Rather than sharing summaries of some of the other gatherings (you can read stories from more cities), we’ve decided to share this powerful series of take-awaysfrom Gregg Healey in Connecticut.

Connecticut had a unique, state-wide strategy for 10 Days that involved over 50 gatherings throughout the state.  There’s a lot of encouragement and wisdom to be gleaned from Gregg’s report.  Pick up and read!

Make Room!

Make Room!

The start of 10 Days is just over a week away.  Over 25 cities and regions are gearing up for a set-apart season of seeking God's face. As we approach this season with anticipation, my biggest encouragement to you is: Make Room!

Our lives are busy and distractions are easily available to fill in whatever cracks remain.  I encourage you during these weeks leading up to 10 Days to intentionally prepare a space in your life for an encounter with God!  While making space is important for you personally, it's equally important for what God wants to do through you to bring His Kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven."