10 Days: The Invitation

Our 10 Days: The Invitation video is now live!  This is a five minute "docu-promo" that shares the vision, gives a little "how to" and includes testimonies from city-leaders.  Thanks to Jared Crouse for his great design work on this film and to everyone who helped edit and was interviewed.  We'll be releasing the whole interviews as stand-alone videos in the upcoming days.


Above: Planning team for 10 Days Bridgeport

Above: Planning team for 10 Days Bridgeport

One Month--Let us know what's happening in your city!

10 Days begins in one month (September 9-19).  We want to hear what's happening in your city.  We have a number of current locations listed at 10Days.net but we're still waiting to hear from a number of places.

If you're doing 10 Days this fall, take a minute to email us the following:

  1. City Name
  2. Contact Person name/Email
  3. Link to website, facebook page, or whatever your city is using for an online home

If you'd do me the additional favor of linking from your page to 10days.net so that we're connected both ways, that would really help!

I can't wait to see how the Lord responds this fall as we seek Him together.