Spring "10 Days Together" in Denver, CO


There’s a well-worn saying in the Christian life that wherever you go, God is has been there already. 
Turns out that’s especially true in Denver, Colorado.
My dear friend and ministry partner Dai Sup Han invited me out to Colorado Springs April 17-20.  Dai Sup, like myself, is passionate about seeing city-wide churches adopt 10 Days.  He had arranged some meetings in Colorado Springs but we wanted to see if we could start some fires in Denver as well.
Too late…
As it turns out, Holy Spirit had already lit a 10 Day fire in Denver.  Evidently, he just wanted us there to toss a little gas on it.

This April, Father Phil Eberhart, has been in the middle of an amazing series of divine appointments while setting up for a 10 Day gathering in Denver from Ascension to Pentecost Sunday.  Inspired by Acts chapter 1, the idea of gathering believers to pray for these days had been simmering in his heart for years. This year there was a sense of God saying "yes" to this idea and agreement among many of the city pastors to move forward.  As Phil stepped out in faith to organize 10 Days Together, piece after piece and person after person started falling into place out of the clear, blue Rocky Mountain sky. Including us!

The day he started working on organizing locations for 10 Days Together, he got an email asking if he’d like to meet with Dai Sup and I in a week to talk about “10 Days”.  Just over a week later, I found myself preaching in Father Phil’s church—a church called Resurrection that meets in a funeral home.  These are the kinds of stories that God loves to write, and it's been a privilege to be able to encourage our friends in Denver.
Some of you who know about the history of 10 Days know that the Spring 10 Days (Ascension to Pentecost) has been a major part of our history.  Right now, God is really emphasizing this fall 10 Day time period (Day of Trumpets to Day of Atonement), but it was good to be reminded that God hasn’t forgotten about the Spring either.
And speaking about the fall…
Launching Fall 10 Days in Your City: Sept. 13-23

We’re starting to mobilize coordinators around the nation to organize 10 Days in their cities and regions this fall. 

What we're looking for: We’re looking for people who feel called to help fulfill Jesus’ prayer in John 17, “Let them be one as we are one.”  We're looking for called out ones who are humble, peacemakers, joyful people of tenacious hope who love the Church and want to call her to a deeper place of intimacy with God and love for one another.
If you’d like to see 10 Days in your city this fall (Sept 13-23) get in touch with us!
We’ll be having a conference call for those interested in 10 days this fall on Tuesday, May 12 at 3pm eastern/noon Pacific.

Conference Number: 832-551-5100
Passcode: 171-145#
Hope to “see” some of you on the call and praise God for what He's already doing this spring.