"Hub Cities"/10 Days Northfield Registration is open!

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In the past seven years since 2011, 10 Days has grown from a movement in one city to something that last year occurred in 35 cities. The journey has been supernatural, miraculous at every step.  Each of these locations has been a holy experiment.  Each time, we learn new things that work and make mistakes that range from very funny to very costly.

All along this journey, I keep comparing what we’re seeing to the original vision in 2004:

  • 10 Days of fasting, mourning, and repentance during the “Days of Awe”
  • Many Locations around the globe doing this together (a global upper room)
  • Cities that stop everything for 10 entire days to seek God’s face!
  • Seeing Jesus’ John 17 prayer answered
  • Preparing the Bride for the Lord’s Return

Hub Cities: A Model for what 10 Days can be
Listen: Luis Burgos tells “The Bridgeport Story”
As we begin this next seven year period, we are going to emphasize a new type of 10 Days gathering that we’re calling “Hub Cities”.  Hub Cities are 10 Day gatherings that, as much as possible, are modeling the call to “stop everything during 10 Days.” 
Hub Cities are:

  • Retreat or single-site city-wide 10 Day gatherings
  • Destination gatherings as well as being for local people—it’s an opportunity for people to experience 10 Days at a high level without having to organize it themselves.
  • Modeling the “Stopped City” element of the call including 24/10 or 3-times daily prayer gatherings
  • Linked together using live-streaming and other technology

Speaking of Hub Cities…If you haven’t heard the Bridgeport story yet, please listen to this recording of Luis Burgos from the 10 Days Summit. It will expand your sense of the possible and inspire your faith.

10 Days Northfield and Restore and Revive
10 Days in Northfield will be one of our Hubs again this year.  If you’ve never experienced 10 Days before or you want to experience it in a more immersive context, I recommend joining us in Northfield.  I promise: You will leave changed!

10 Days Northfield will prepare the way for the
Restore and Revive conference Sept 20-23.  

Registration is now open for 10 Days Northfield!