Is He Worthy?

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I love this time of year.

Over the past several weeks I've gotten to speak with dozens of incredible friends in the United States, in Africa, and in the UK. My wife Cassi was joking with me this morning, "Is your job just to talk to your friends on the phone?"

Yes, that's actually my job, and it's fun because we are friends, but it's meaningful and spiritually dynamic because our friendships are all aligned around God's Kingdom purposes. We are seeing partnerships develop left and right--at the end of some days, my head's spinning. It's incredible to see so many places engaging in united, Spirit empowered, Christ exulting prayer to the Glory of the Father!

Are We on Track?

All along this journey, I keep comparing what we’re seeing to the original vision of 10 Days in 2004:

  • 10 Days of fasting, mourning, and repentance during the “Days of Awe”

  • Many Locations around the globe doing this together (a global upper room)

  • Cities that stop everything for 10 entire days to seek God’s face!

  • Seeing Jesus’ John 17 prayer answered

  • Preparing the Bride for the Lord’s Return

We are making progress towards the goals year after year--last year we saw 40 cities engaging with the vision--yet what i'm most longing to see is entire cities stopping everything to sit at the feet of Jesus.

Is He Worthy?

To see a city stop for 10 Days of Prayer means you, as an individual, need to decide to stop. As a busy person, with lots of responsibilities, to set-apart that amount of time means that you need to see a clear and compelling reason--why would you do something this outlandish without it?

When I think about clearing my schedule for 10 Days, I have thousands of reasons not to do it. Trust me, even though this is "my job" it still seems silly to me at times. Yet there's one question that seems to dispel all my doubts:

Is He worthy?

Is Jesus worthy of me stopping normal life for 10 Days to seek Him?
Is He worthy of me not eating?
Is He worthy of me lying on my face in repentance for my sins and the sins of my nation?
Is He worthy of me calling my family to enter into His presence? My church? My city?

So, I challenge you to clear your schedule for Sept 30-October 9 this year. And don't do it because I said so, or because the world gets crazier every year, or even to get a breakthrough in prayer--do it because He's worthy! That's enough.

--Jonathan Friz

This is the time of year when we're mobilizing cities to do 10 Days and connecting everything on the website. If you're doing 10 Days in your city, we want to hear from you!

Reach out at We also have resources and coaches available to help serve you in uniting believers for city-wide worship, fasting, and repentance.