How to Begin— 6 Models for 10 Days


1)      Hub-City Model: You want to see a city stop everything to seek God for 10 Days

  • Hub cities are usually single-site 10 Day events

  • They emphasize the call to “stop everything” for prayer

  • They have either 24/7 prayer and worship or else a 8-10 hour/day (3-times daily) prayer rhythm

  • They are “destination” gatherings for people from other cities to “come and see”

  • They include media, live-streaming, and the like to connect others to what’s happening

Hub City Coaches: Jonathan Friz and Luis Burgos.


2)      Simple: You’re not ready to mobilize a city, but you want to do 10 Days yourself, with your family, or with a small group

  • Plan personally to fast and set-apart specific parts of your day for prayer

  • Invite others in your family and your community to do the same, and set several times (perhaps daily) to gather for prayer, repentance, and waiting on God.

  • Access resources on the themes of 10 Days so that you can make the most of this consecrated time—expect God to move as you humble yourself, He will give grace!

Simple Coach: Dave Warn, Forerunners of America.


3)      Single Site: You want to bring your city together to seek the Lord in one place

  • The central-location can be neutral (a tent, a convention center) or it can be in a local church. As trust increases among church leaders in your city, the need for a neutral location decreases.

  • Best to have either 24/7 prayer and worship or 8-10 hours (3-times/day) of worship and prayer.

  • This is one of the most powerful ways to do 10 Days as it gathers people in your community together in one location, making what’s happening visible, powerful, and concentrated.

  • It’s easier logistically to come to the same place every day (versus multiple locations)

Single-Site Coaches: Jonathan Friz and Luis Burgos.


4)      Multi-Site: You want to gather your city for prayer in many different locations

  • In a multi-site model, 10 Days can be hosted by local congregations throughout your city or area

  • It works well to have several local ministers host each evening together…we have seen as many as 20 local congregations host 10 Days together in a single evening!

  • Some multi-site models also include ongoing, daily prayer or 24/7prayer.

Multi-site Coach: Phil Eberhardt, Denver.


5)      Open Architecture: You want to combine various expressions of 10 Days creatively to saturate your region in the Presence of God

  • In this model, the convening group puts the call out for 10 Days to a city, region, or state.

  • Individual cities or ministries sign-up and coordinate a heightened level of prayer during this time, including some of the other models of 10 Days.

  • This model is great for coordinating 10 Days over larger geographies, as it allows smaller areas to be connected to a larger expression.

Open Architecture coach: Gregg Healey, Impact CT.


6)      40 Days of Love: You want to see 10 Days overflow in evangelism and love for your community

  • The 40 Days of Love combines 10 Days of Prayer in any model with a 30 day emphasis on sharing the gospel and loving your community via acts of service

  • The 40 Days of Love is a partner movement—for two years, we started on the same dates without any coordination or foreknowledge. After we discovered what was happening and our similar heart, we decided to work together and use the same dates!


40 Days of Coach: Chris Vennetti, 40 Days of Love.

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