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10 Days Vision (2015)

Jonathan and Gregg discuss the origins of 10 Days and the vision of a city that has "stopped everything" for 10 Days radiating the presence of God sharing Biblical examples of how God responds when people seek Him in this way.
Gregg and Jonathan discuss the phrase "Babylon refuses to Mourn", the fate of "Babylon", and how "mourning" is key to coming out of Babylon. This mourning is personal and opens up our hearts to be deeply reconfigured by the grace of God.
The dynamic duo delve into mourning the state of our fallen world and how that leads to our hearts being aligned and God intervening and bringing the Kingdom of God.
10 Days is a time to mourn the absence of Jesus from the earth and to long for his return. Gregg and Jonathan tackle why a unity movement like 10 Days has a focus on the return of Jesus.
Gregg shares stories about the movement of prayer, worship, and unity in Connecticut and Jonathan shares stories about the impact of 10 Days in other places.
Gregg and Jonathan return to the subject of an entire city that has 'stopped everything' to seek God. Jonathan shares an incredible miracle that took place as people set themselves apart to seek God for 10 Days in 2008. What could happen if this same dynamic from the retreat setting played out in city-wide gatherings?

4 Positive Trends at the End of the Age (2016)

The Gospel of the Kingdon
John 17 Unity
Holy Spirit Outpouring
Salvation for the Jewish People