What to Expect


Prayer and Worship: Seeking God's face through Worship and Prayer is at heart of 10 days.  Believers are invited to devote this time to waiting on God together.  We recommend 24/7 prayer or 3 daily prayer gatherings (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) during 10 Days.

Mourning and Humility: Expressions of humility and dependence on God invite a response from God who “opposes the proud, but exalts the humble.”  We also recommend taking communion daily during this 10 Days. 

10 Days is, quite simply, an extended prayer and worship meeting.  It’s an attempt to make a way for entire cities to meet with God together!  So, expect that during this time it will be vertically focused on God and meeting with him personally and corporately.

It’s also flexible form that can be combined with many different types of activities including major events, service projects, justice ministry, evangelism, or many other activities.  We love creative expression at the local level in response to the Holy Spirit!

At its core, 10 Days is incredibly simple:

·         The Main Attraction is the Presence of God experienced through prayer, worship, and fellowship among the people of God

·         The prayer focus is repentance, fasting, and “mourning”—this is a 2 Chronicles 7:14 type atmosphere

·         The invitation is to “make room” for God to do something extraordinary by setting aside 10 entire days

·         The atmosphere feels like a family reunion

·         The reward is transformation, healing, renewal, revival, purity, unity, breakthrough, a heart on fire, love for God, his Word, his people, and the world